CL 2000A

Operation instruction

Remote function

. 1
1 Arm / Door lock
Car Finder
Panic - keep press over 2 seconds
Anti-Car Jack - In IGNITION ON position,
Keep press over 2 seconds
2 Disarm / Door lock
Trunk opener-keep press over 2 seconds
1+2 Programmable mode table
Sensor by pass - in Arm position

Programmable mode:

Must be in Ignition Off and Disarm position Keep press button 1+2 over 2 seconds util siren burst once and chirp 4 times means system in programmable mode.

Note: Within 10 seconds without any further programming, siren will chirp twice to confirm system be programmed and in normal status.

Programmable mode table

Press button 1 Press button 2
Siren Chirping Confirm Door open Warning Ignition Safety door Lock Siren Chirping Confirm Auto-Relock (for valet mode) Last door arming (Passive Arming)
1 Chirp without with 1 Chirp without with
2 Chirps with without 2 Chirps with without
3 Chirps with with 3 Chirps with with
4 Chirps without without 4 Chirps without without
Equipper already settled Remote programmable feature from factory original:

Programmable: Ignition safety door lock / unlock. When turn Ignition On after 10 seconds? the doors will lock automatically, but within 10 seconds the door was opened this "Safety door lock" will be canceled. When turn Ignition off, the doors will unlock.

Programmable: Door open Warning

During Ignition on when open door or not close, Parking light will keep flashing to warning driver unless door been closed.

Programmable: Auto Re-Lock / Arming

If fail to get vehicle within 30 seconds after Disarming, the alarm will treat this disarm is either incidental or mis-touched, it will re-set itself and enter in arm mode.

Programmable: Last door arming (Passive arming)

If enable, alarm will arming automatically 15 seconds after the last door is closed (to prevent doors been lick, it will only arm and doors won not be locked)

How to use code learning:
  1. Ignition on, press over-ride switch 5 seconds until siren chirps 5 times, means system in code learning mode.
  2. Press any button of new transmitter for learning, siren burst 1 times and chirps two times means waiting for 2nd new transmitter to learn.
  3. Press any button of 2nd new transmitter for learning, siren burst 1 times and chirps 3 times means waiting for 3nd new transmitter.
  4. Same procedure maximum up to 4 transmitters, siren will burst 2 times.
  5. If within 10 seconds no new transmitter is signal send out for learning, siren will chirps 2 times means system turn to normal state.
  6. Every time learning new transmitter, former code (old transmitters) will be erased, hence old transmitter must also learning again when new transmitter need to learn.
Standard features:

Arm: press button 1 siren will chirp once and lights flash once, doors locked and start killed, alarm will be triggered whenever the car was hit or intruded.

Disarm: press button 2 siren will chirp twice and lights flash twice, door unlocked and start killer released.

Panic: Hold button 1 over 2 seconds, panic mode will be activated. Siren keeps chirping and lights flash until press any button to turn off the panic mode.

Anti-Car jacking: When Ignition on, press button 1 over 2 seconds. Siren keep chirping 60 seconds and lights keep flashing. 30 seconds later starter disable (or ignition disable). Lights keep flashing and starter disable unless press button 2.

Car finder: Press button 1 while arm position. Siren chirps 3 times and lights flash once. While press button over 2 seconds, siren will keep chirping and lights keep flashing to show the car position.

Auto Re-Arming: Alarm arms again 30 seconds after disarm, unless the doors have been opened or engine is ignition on. This feature is to avoid mis-tuech or mis-disarmed.

Audible zone violated identification while Disarming: If the car is attempted or intruded, the siren will chirp different sounds to identify which zone has been triggered.

Siren chirps 3 times Sensor was triggered
Siren chirps 4 times Ignition was triggered
Siren chirps 5 times Door was opened

Audible Defective zone alert & By-Pass while Arming: In arming alarm mode if the siren chirps 4 times, it means that door(s) is not shut properly. The alarm will bypass that zone but will still protect other zones.

Emergency over-ride switch: If the remote has been lost or damage, the owner can enter the car by the key. It will act the alarm. To disarm the alarm turn ignition on and press over-ride, it will disarm the alarm instantly.

Remote sensor by pass: Press button 1+2 while in armed position, siren will chirp twice to confirm that the sensor will not be detected, but it will be detected again next by arming.

All time remote lock / unlock operation: regardless Arm or Disarm, lock and unlock operation will work any time.

Duallevel electronic shock sensor: 10 chirps for light touch, heavy impact will cause full alarm. During the 10 chirps period, if 2nd impact is detected siren will blow 15 seconds.

Trunk Auxiliary or Remote starter: Keep press button 2 for over 2 seconds then trunk or starter been acted.

Arm condition memory: Whenever cut off the power supply from battery, alarm still keep memory of arming, when power is on again alarm triggered immediately, siren blow, lights flash and starter killer still in arm status.


. 2