CL 5000A

Operation instruction


Remote features:

. 1

Each alarm is assorted with two special transmitters. Hi-tech hoping code system is applied to each transmitter. This system has supper confidential technology. It can hardly possible be copied. It is used high stable UHF frequency as radio transmission circuit. For your operation convenience, four transmitters can be learnt into this alarm at the same time.

Remote funtion table

Press 1 Button once Arm / Door Lock
Hold 1 Button for 2 seconds Arm Without Siren/Horn Chirp
Press 1 Button once after set Arming 2st stage - Sensor by Pass
Press 1 Button twice after set Arming 2nd stage - Sensor by Pass
Press 2 Button at first time Disarm - Driver side door unlock
Press 2 Button at second time Disarm - All other doors unlock
Hold 2 Button for 2 seconds Disarm Without Siren/Horn Chirp
Press 1+2 Both buttons once Panic
Hold 1+2 Both buttons for 2 seconds Trunk Opener

Sub-Function Setting:

In Disarm position. Turn off IGN, within 10 seconds press valet SW 5 times, until siren/horn chirp 3 times and burst once means system entering in programmable mode.

The times of Valet SW pressing is according to the function item number. To judge it as per LED indication (times of flashes). E/g/ to set sub-function item No.2: Press Valet SW 2 times, LED quick flash 2 times after a pause. Then press remote to select ON or OFF.

To press 1 button function will be ON, siren/horn will giving two chirps.

To press 2 button function will be OFF, siren/horn will giving two chirps.

Sub-function table

Item No. Function ON OFF
1 Immobilizer (smart engine disable) YES *NO
2 Passive arming function setting (door lock) YES *NO
3 Passive arming function setting (door without lock) YES *NO
4 Door switch arming detection delay *0 sec. 45 sec.

Note: * means factory setting before delivery.

If the above condition happens, alarm will exit this setting mode. To Turn IGN to ON position, within 10 seconds there is no setting activity.

How to use code learning:

This system can expand 4 different transmitters, and comes from factory with two transmitters already programmed into the system memory. Whenever you want to add or delete transmitter code of the system, just obey the following instruction:

  1. In Disarm position. Turn on IGN, within 10 seconds press 10 seconds press Valet SW 5 times.
  2. Siren/Horn will bust once to confirm system in code learning mode.
  3. To press any remote button, code learning button, code learning achieved if gives one short chirp.
  4. To turn off learning mode: Turn off IGN/Four transmitters have been successfully learnt already/Within 10 seconds, there is no new transmitter be learn.

Standard features:

1. Arm: Press button 1 siren/horn will chirp once, lights flash once and LED will flash slowly. Doors locked, start killed and controller to close all windows. Alarm will be triddered whenever the car was hit or intruded.

2. Arm without chirp: To hold 1 button for over 2 seconds, light flash one bet no chirp sound , other functions are the same as Arm. (This feature to prevent noise in silent area)

3. Disarm: Press button 2 siren will chirp twice, lights flash twice and LED will be off door unlocked and start killer released.

4. Disarm: with out chirp: To hold 2 button for over 2 seconds, light flash twice but no chirp sound, other function as the same Disarm. (This feature to prevent noise silent area)

5. Panic: Press button 1+2, panic mode will be activated. Siren will burst and lights will flash for 30 seconds, until press any button to turn off the panic mode.

6. Remote Trunk Release: Keep press button 1+2 for over 2 seconds then trunk will automatically opened, alarm will chirp once as response. During Arming, remote trunk release will not trigger alarm and sensor trigger function will also shut off, but IGN and doors keep arming condition. After close trunk for 5 seconds, trunk and sensor trigger will return to arm status.

7. Auto Re-Arming: Alarm arms again 30 seconds after disarm, unless the doors have been opened or engine is ignition on. This feature is to avoid mis-disarmed.

8. Alarm Abnormal Arming Indication: In arming alarm mode if the siren chirps 4 times and light flash 4 times it reminder you that door(s) or engine hood or trunk is not shut properly. The alarm will by pass that zone but it will still protect other zones. LED will show you the abnormal condition:

Quick flash 4 times after each pause-door is not closed properly.

Quick flash 5 times after each pause-hood or trunk is not closed properly.

9. Passive Arming: If you want to use this function, set item No.2 or item No.3 on "ON" position. While you turn off IGN, open door then close door, siren/horn will chirp once and lights flash once, LED will quick flash. After 30 seconds alarm will armed automatically, but during 30 seconds, if any of the door, trunk, hood is open, alarm will stop this "passive arming" siren/horn will give one chirp.

10. Alarm Trigger: During arming, if turn on IGN, open door, and etc... alarm will trigger in order to stop the offender.

* When triggering 1st stage sensor (including built in shock sensor and external sensor): Siren/Horn gives one long chirp for warning.

* When triggering 2st stage sensor (including built in shocking and external sensor):Siren/Horn gives 20 seconds sound and light flash 20 seconds there is only 5 times trigger limitation after the alarm is armed status every each time.

11. Remote Sensor by Pass: The alarm offers two stage sensor optional. One is the on board shock sensor. The other is external microwave sensor or ultrasonic sensor and etc.

Within 10 seconds after set arming, to press 1 button once, siren/horn will chirp twice, then 1st stage sensor by pass to press 1 button twice, siren/horn will chirp 3 times, then all sensors will be shut off and no sensor working for arming protection.

12. Emergency Disarm: In arming condition, if transmitter is lost or damaged, using the key to open door, the alarm will trigger at this time. Turn on IGN and within 10 seconds hold Valet SW for over 3 seconds. Alarm will be off disarmed, and in Valet mode (see No. 13)

13. Valet mode: When Ignition on, within 10 seconds hold Valet switch for over 3 seconds, LED will be on indicating in the Valet mode. Under this mode, remote lock and unlock is still effective and other functions are shut off temporary.

Mode exiting: To turn on IGN, within 10 seconds hold Valet switch for over 3 seconds, LED will be off means exit of Valet mode.

14. Alarm Trigger memory: In arm status if anything triggers, after you disarm, siren/horn will sound and light will flash 4 times indicating that alarm was triggered before.

LED mode indicates the following different triggering:

Quick flash 2 times after a pause Sensor 1st stage trigger
Quick flash 3 times after a pause Sensor 2st stage trigger
Quick flash 4 times after a pause Door trigger
Quick flash 5 times after a pause Engine hood or trunk trigger
Quick flash 6 times after a pause IGN trigger

15. Smart Engine Disable (Anti-car jack/immobilizer): Set sub-function Item No.1 to "ON" position. After turn off IGN position for 2 minutes or you open and close door in 2 minutes after turn off IGN on, within 10 seconds press 2 button of the remote or press Valet SW.

16. Two stage Door Unlock Control: This feature can be controlled separately of the doors. When you press 2 button at first time, driver side door will be unlock, to press at second time, all other doors are unlock.

17. Power disconnecting Memory: Alarm is built in memory on main unit. Generally, after alarm power is cut and reconnect, main unit will read back these data make the alarm to resume.

When in disarm, arm or Valet mode, power off then on again, alarm will read back original position.

18. Safety Door Lock/Unlock: To use this function, set Jumper No.S2 to "With", after close last door, turn on IGN for 10 seconds all doors will auto lock for protection.

To turn off IGN, all doors will auto unlock for take off conveniently.

19. Built Shock Sensor Sensitivity Adjusting: This system offer two stage shock sensor built in main unit. You may adjust sensitivity when necessary. There are 10 scales for sensitivity adjusting: First scale means the most sensitivity and last (the 10th) scale means the last sensiivity. Factory sets the sensitivity in the middle (5th scale).

  1. In disarm position, turn off IGN within 10 seconds, press Valet SW for over 3 seconds.
  2. Siren/horn will chirp once and burst once to confirm enter in this mode.
  3. Adjusting to more sensitive zone: to press 1 button once, more over 1 scale to more sensitive side. As a response, light will flash once and siren/horn will chirp once.

    If is adjusted to the most sensitive scale, there will be no more sound given.

  4. Adjusting to less sensitive zone: to press 2 button once, move 1 scale to the less sensitive side.

    As a response, light will flash once and siren/horn will chirp once.

    If it is adjusted to the most sensitive scale, there will be no more sound give.

  5. During adjusting, you may push car for sensitive testing:

    If it is suitable for 2nd stage setting, alarm will chirp 2 seconds.

    If it is suitable for 1st stage setting, alarm will chirp 1 second.

  6. To turn on IGN or within 10 seconds there is no remote adjusting, nor push testing, system will exit.

20. Anti-scanning: CPU of alarm receiving correct code may not respond immediately unless continuously more code have been conformed. This conservative attitude keep the system disarmed by a scanner.

21. Parking lights relay built-in

22. Jumper selection setting: This system provide 4 jumpers that can be set one by one.

Slide open the window on main board (see wiring diagram) to access jumper for selection setting function. (reference wiring diagram of selection setting table).

23. Pager output: Pager (+) output (2Amp) can be connected to alarm pager to become two way service.


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