Installation Manual

1. Main Features:

1. Code Hopping & Code Learning remote system 14. Anti-hijack by transmitter.
2. Pre-learned one 2-way 4 buttons controller with LCD panel. Expandable to four transmitters. 15. When trigger by sensor, the siren will sound for 30 sec. And reset automatically.
3. Remote (silent) arm/disarm. 16. Last door arm set by transmitter.
4. Starter disables (500 mA negative output)in the arm. 17. When trigger by door, trunk, hood or ACC the siren will sound for 30 sec.
5. Auto re-arms. 18. Built-in actuators relay.
6. Driving lock mode. 19. Central locking, active time selectable.
7. Car (silent) searching. 20. 2 negatives and 1 positive trigger input.
8. Audible intrusion zone identification. 21. Plug-in dual zone shock sensor.
9. Defective zone alert and by pass. 22. Pre-Warn away.
10. Power failure memory. 23. Multi-function LED status indicator.
11. Key-less entry while ignition on. 24. Valet mode.
12. Remote Panic. 25. Remote trunk release. (Optional)
13. Emergency key reset. 26. Window close. (Optional)

2. LED Status Indicator

Slow flash: Arm / Alarm / Panic / Anti-hijack.
Fast flash: Auto Re-arm.
Steady flash: Last door arm / send message to controller.
No light: Disarm mode.

Note: Main unit will not accept the command during sending message to controller.

3. Learning Transmitter Codes:

This alarm system can expand to four units of transmitter and comes from the factory with one 2-Way LCD screen 4 button remote controller and one 3 button without LCD screen spare remote controller, which is programmed into the system memory. Following the steps below to enter code learning procedure.

  1. Under the disarm mode, turn the ignition switch ON/OFF 3 times (each time must be finished within 1 sec., or alarm system will skip it) and stay the ignition switch to ON position, siren will sound for 2 seconds, and then enter into learning code mode; press button (1) within 10 seconds, then the siren will chirp twice, lgihts flash twice to confirm the code has learned. And apply the same procedure for second, third and forth remote controllers.
  2. If the ignition is OFF or each learning procedure is over 10 seconds, then siren will chirp 4 times, lights will flash 4 times, and will quit the learning code procedure.

(Also it will be off of learning procedure automatically while all 4 remote controllers have finished learning code in the memory.)

3.1. Key Function Table:
Button Ignition Off Ignition On
Press Button (1) Arm / Disarm Lock / Unlock
Press Button (1) over 2 sec. Panic Panic
Press Button (2) Channel 2 Output Channel 2 Output
Press Button (3) Car Search Anti-Hijacking (1)
Press Button (3) over 2 sec.   Anti-Hijacking (2)
Press Button (4) Transmitter back light on Transmitter back light on
Press Button (1)+(2) -> Button (1) Mute Arm Mode  
Press Button (1)+(2) -> Button (1)+(2)   Valet Mode
Press Button (2)+(3) Trunk Release Trunk Release
Press Button (1)+(2) -> Button (2) Channel 3 Output Channel 3 Output
Press Button (2)+(4) Transmitter Power Saving Transmitter Power Saving
Press Button (3)+(4) Transmitter vibration on  
3.2 Arm:
  1. Under the disarm mode, ignition off, press button (1), siren will chirp once, lgihts flash once and doors lock to confirm the arm status. LED is on and slowly flashes after 2 seconds.
  2. When doors or hood shut down improperly, press button (1) and will be in the arm status, both siren chirps & lights flash three times and doors lock, then lights flash once again, siren chirps long & shortly once each to warn that the sensors are activated, and the sensors will be bypassed until doors or hood are shut down properly.
3.3 Disarm:
  1. Under the arm mode, press button (1), siren will chirp twice, lights flash twice, doors unlock, LED and arm are off.
  2. Under the arm mode, If trigger the alarm, lights start flashing, switch the ignition on and off 4 times to disarm.
  3. While the ignition is on, doors or hood are opened, lights keep flashing until door or hood are closed.
3.4 Alarm Mode:
  1. If any installed sensors are triggered, the system will be into the alarm mode. Except the alarm is triggered by the first stage of the shock sensor, siren will chirp 3 times to warn intruder.
  2. If the ignition is triggered (ACC is turned on), the system will be directly into the alarm mode until switch the ignition off and siren cycle is off (by optional set up).
  3. If doors, trunk or hood are opened, siren will sound and stop after 4 cycles (by optional set up), also sensors will be bypassed until door, trunk or hood is closed.
  4. If the alarm is triggered, press button (1) once, siren will chirp once, doors lock and the system remains in the arm mode.
3.5 Panic:

Under any mode, press button (1) for 2 seconds, the system will enter into the arm mode. Lights flash and siren sounds until the alarm times up (by optional set up).

3.6 Mute Arm mode:

Under the disarm mode, press button (1)+(2) simultaneously once, lights flash once, and press button (1) again within 1 second, then will enter into the arm mode, lights will flash once and doors lock. And then will enter into the mute mode.

Under the mute mode: if shock sensors are triggered, only the lights will flash. And if the ignition, doors or hood are triggered, then siren will sound and lights flash, and also the mute mode will be released.

3.7 Valet Mode:

Under the disarm mode, switch the ignition on, press button (1)+(2) simultaneously at same time, lights will flash once, then press button (1)+(2) simultaneously once again within 2 seconds, siren chirps once to confirm into the valet mode. Under the valet mode, can only control door lock and door unlock. Lights will flash once or twice. Apply the same way to enter the valet mode to release the valet mode, and siren will chirp twice.

3.8 Channel 2 output:

Under the arm mode, press button (2) once, channel 2 will be on for 0.5 second. Shock sensor will be bypassed for 8 sec.

Under the disarm mode, press button (2) once, channel 2 will be on for 0.5 sec.

3.9 Trunk Release:

Under the arm mode, press button (2)+(3) simultaneously once, trunk release will be on for 0.5 second and enter into disarm mode.

Under the disarm mode, press button (2)+(3) simultaneously once, trunk released will be on for 0.5 sec.

3.10 Channel 3 output:

Under any mode, press button (1)+(2) simultaneously once, lights flash once, press button (2) once again within 1 second, siren chirps & lights flash once each, channel 3 will on for output. Apply same way to turn off the channel 3 and siren chirps & lights flash twice each.

3.11 Remote Anti-Hijacking:

While the ignition is on, press button (3) once, LED & lights keep flashing to warn intruder: While the ignition is off, lights will flash until the end of the set-up alarm cycle then enter into the arm mode.

* Anti-hijacking flow chart is listed as attached below.

3.12 Car Finder:

Under the arm mode, press button (3) once, lights flash for 30 seconds (by optional set up) and return to the arm mode after the alarm cycle ends.

Under the disarm mode, press button (3) once, will enter into the arm mode, lights flashing 30 seconds (by optional set up) and remains in the arm mode after the alarm cycle ends.

3.13 Last Door Arm:

Whenever the ignition is turned from on to off and then doors are closed, 20 seconds after LED flashes, siren will chirp & lights flash once each, the system will lock the doors and enter into the arm mode automatically. (By optional set up as need)

3.14 Ignition Door lock:

Under the disarm mode, while the ignition turn on, after 30 seconds doors will be locked automatically; and while the ignition turn off, doors unlock automatically. If door sensors are on within 30 seconds, door locks will be canceled. Also, when the ignition is on, door unlocks will not be activated.

3.15 Dome light Delay:

Under the arm mode, the ignition can be triggered immediately after 3 seconds, but doors, hood and shock sensor can be triggered after 15 seconds.

3.16 Auto Re-arm:

After disarm the alarm system press button (1), if the car owner does not get in the vehicle within 30 sec., the alarm will reset itself and enter the arm mode.

3.17 Dual Stage Unlock (Door unlock 2):

Disable: While disarming, doors unlock & doors unlock 2 at same time.

Enable: While disarming, press button (1) within 3 seconds, door unlock 2 will be on.

3.18 LCD Transmitter Function:
  1. Rear lights: Press button (4) to turn on rear lights that will last for 3 seconds.
  2. Battery saving mode: Under the disarm mode, press button (2)+(4) simultaneously, transmitter chirps once to confirm this function. After 70 seconds, transmitter will enter into sleeping mode (LCD display off); Press any keys to wake up (LCD display On)
  3. Vibration function: Under any mode, press button (3)+(4) simultaneously to choice ON/OFF.
  4. Functions of the rest keys are controlled by alarm.
3.19 Programming Option:

Under the disarm mode and door open, ignition on and off for three times and keep it in "On" status, siren will be on for two seconds, then the system will enter into the programming option mode. Press button (1) to choice function 1~9 within 10 seconds and press button (2) after selection to confirm selected items (siren will chirp the number you choose, e.g. select 1 then chirp once). Then set up the function by pressing button (1), (2) or (3). Pressing a button once will last for 10 seconds; the system will quit the programming option after 10 seconds or the ignition is off.

No. Function Button (1)/defaultChirp once Button (2)2 Chirps Button (3)3 Chirps
1. Last Door Arming Disable Enable XXX
2. Passive Lock Disable Enable XXX
3. Smart Ignition Lock Disable Enable XXX
4. Door Lock Time 1 Pulse 2 Pulse 4 seconds
5. Alarm Time 30 sec. 60 sec. Continuous
6. Dome Light Delay Disable Enable XXX
7. Auto Re-arm Disable Enable XXX
8. Dual Stage Unlock/Door Unlock2 Disable Enable XXX
9. Anti-Hijacking Disable Enable XXX
. 1
. 2